Kenny Klichés

This page is dedicated to Father York, KY, aka Kenny. Mostly it is dedicated to what he says. I will post his kliches as they come about and as I see fit. Check back often or not, whatever.

“They’re not the great ferrules of Egypt.”

“Did you chicken wing me?”

“That’s like the pot calling the kettle black.”

“You eyeballing me?”

“That smells like management potential.”

“Yeah, he got pulled over for dwb (Driving While Brown).”

“LBG (Little Brown Guy)”

“I think that was wind off the tip of a stool.”


“That was a high planes drifter.”

“It was Jello.” said while singing Yellow by Coldplay.
Without detracting from the beautiful spoken prose of Father York, I will be adding other things I hear or read as I see fit. If any of you would like to let me know what KY is now saying please drop me a line.

KC Anderson

“There is nothing erotic about corporate fascism.” KC Anderson

“They think it is better than Jesus on roller skates.” KC Anderson

“Hi, this is Logan, um yeah, and we’re gonna need you to come back and continue to go to college. So if you could just go ahead and do that, that would be great.”

The Best of Spam Messages

“Update your penis.”

“Me building wheels is like watching a retarded monkey try to hump a pumpkin.” – Fixie Dave.

Wooster, it’s like rooster with a W. – Logan Phippen

These shoes work great for smashing cans. – Baby Face

That wasn’t a slap, it was a high five to the lips.

“You’re good at marshal arts, Right?” – Prattipus

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