Who are these guys?

Zen8 The Mooseknucklers
tw7 The Knuckler, a.k.a Lukas, the only one dumb enough to try and keep this website updated. Currently residing in the beautiful desert known as SG while fomenting the demise of this capitalist wasteland.His racing career consisted of one 24 hour race and he has sworn to never pedal a bicycle in hopes of being fast ever again.
PB270174 Sir Gurr, the Rman, one of the original four. Sir Gurr was the man behind the advocacy group and the one who made this website even possible. He currently owns Red Rock Bicycle and rocks the trails whenever possible. Plus he has the best bar in St. George. Sure would be nice to see it again….
I-Dog, yes the toothless now retoothed man himself. After a nasty spill on White Pine singletrack and hours in the dentist chair, I-dog now has full smile. A regular at the Alliance Rides, he has been working with Lukas for the past year and has learned to tolerate him. specialist when it comes to climbing, we challenge everyone to beat him to the top of Jardine.
Bikes: KHS Flite 100, Orbea CR17 and Giant Yukon.
The Golden Knuckle (also known as the German) first ran into the Alliance while trying to sell advertisements in the local fish rubber. Once in, he hasn’t been able to get back out. His wife hated it so he got rid of her. He is currently back in NY but should be seen this side of the Mississippi soon.
Bikes: Jack Hearne, Giant Trance X2 and a Schwinn something or other.
IMAG0490web Mr. Pratt who was recently upgraded to Sir Prattipus. One of the originals who could tell you the whole story or the rest of the story depending on how you look at it. Photographer at large and amazing rider. He’s been known to ride vertical surfaces and turn half way down. No he’s not god, but damn he is good.
grand3 Casey, KC and or AC has been around since the beginning of time but only became a Mooseknuckler a couple of years ago. A good wrench, touring expert and quote producer, he is famous for saying things like, “There’s nothing sexy about corporate fascism.” Unfortunately, he quit the industry a few months back, but we are doing are best to intice him back in. He can still be seen riding his bike through the Logan winters in shorts and Chaco.
 CT2 Bro and Sis Meinkey joined up years ago. With life always in the way, it’s rare that we get to ride with both of them at the same time, but one or the other on a semi-regular basis. They’re often featured in our non-wheeled wilderness hoboing.
PB270171 Fast Eddie, the name says it all. Our Chilean friend rocks it whether he has been training or not. He was the inspiration for the Knuckler’s first singlespeed and still kicks his ass on the trails. Faster than a Ladron and more talented than Los Jaivas, es un huevon arrogante que nunca deja de soprender.
ProZac-2 ProZac was also one of the originals and can tell you the whole story. He once raced like it was no one else’s business but now dedicates himself to saving souls. He recently returned to god’s country and can be seen ripping around SG trails on his singlespeed.
WP_20130915_008 Cimarron Chacon, wife of Mr. Pratt but definitely don’t call her Mrs. Pratt. She has worked building, designing and advocating trails for a very long time. Some of our favorite rides can be linked back to her. She is currently working independently on several projects so keep your eye out for new singletrack.
oakgrove2 KB, Caty or Kathleen inadvertently ended up running into the Knuckler a few years back and her life has been a downhill spiral ever since. A Mooseknuckler by default and in her own right, she rode for Team IMBA at the 24 Hours in Old Pueblo and has been known to rip the trails in SG leaving Lukas looking for more gears to keep up.
InstagramCapture_29d4d91b-7c88-4274-bd80-de83e8f1db5b_jpg Danny, or Super D, as he has come to be known, has been a member of the Red Rock Race team as long as I can remember. Not only is he fast but he’s also a lot of fun to ride with. He’ll say things like, “Man this hill is killing my chest.” And then continue to chat while you finish climbing the lung buster…
 WP_20140419_001 Kim is a lot of fun to ride with but even more fun to drink with. She is wedded to Super D and can rock with the best of ‘em. She’s well known for her endless list of favorite Tool songs.
Erik is a member at large currently exploring the world on a boat. He became my second hand man at Sunrise and took over when I came back south. One of the most talented riders that I have ever ridden with. You can check out his pictures and musings here.
Anson is a carpenter, musician and all around good guy. He began riding with the Alliance a couple of years ago and has been keeping up ever since. If you ever need a good laugh, Anson’s your man.
tw23 The Tandem Duo consists of Kenny and Heather. While they aren’t always on the tandem, they are pretty much always up for a ride whether that’s doing a 200 mile bikepacking trip or sessioning the mesas, they’re in.
bp7 I’ve known Joey longer than anyone else in the Alliance. And if you get us drunk enough, we’ll tell you all about how we drove to Sacramento with my parents when were 14, listened to Smashing Pumpkins and saw a gang fight. He’s also the creative genius behind the Alliance’s logos and will shred on his Bromad, but has recently taken up bikepacking and commuting.
goose19 Josh was recently recruited from the polar north to help out at Red Rock. He’s a racer, but we don’t hold that against him because we know what happens to racers in the Alliance, they start to ride just for fun.
bd11 Eric and Rachel migrated into the Alliance via Yoga. If you ever need to take your yoga practice to the next level, they can do that or help you run a marathon because apparently they lose their bikes a lot.
Zen7 Newby is another long time Team Red Rock member. He spends a lot of time training and doing that whole go fast thing, but when he let’s his hair down, well, that’s worth being around for.
fixie An entire book could be written about Fixie Dave, Ride the Divide finisher on a fixed gear bike, bikepacking expert and all around good guy. If you are ever given the opportunity to ride with Fixie, do everything you can to make it.
Goose2 Beans-n-rice first came into contact with the Alliance as Bro Meinkey’s +1 on a backpacking adventure. Since then we’ve convinced him that riding a bike is fun and he’ll bounce around on Beastly any chance he has.
moab14 Wilding is a blast to ride with, but any chance to carpool with him to the trailhead should be taken. As a PE teacher, he’s got some of the best stories I’ve ever heard. He’s currently nursing a knee surgery, but he affirmed that he’d be riding soon.
WP_20140823_20_57_17_Raw Spenny’s been our reigning Alley Cat Champion for years. If you ever ended up with a MCA flyer in your spokes while your bike was parked on DSC’s campus, that was thanks to him. He took up off road riding last year and now we can no longer keep up as he goes hard in the paint.
prop2 Jamon seen here at a Propagandhi show that we drove 8 hours to get to because punk rock. If you ever line up next to him at a 24 hour race, you should probably just throw in the towel or go ahead and start drinking cuz it’s gonna be a long one.
WP_20140209_008 Kevin joined us a few years ago and has proven an effective advocate and trail builder in the area. I’d be lying if I said we rode together often, but we do get together regularly to see what we can do about getting more killer singletrack in SG.
IMG_0091web There’s probably as many official photographers of the Alliance as there are members. Luckily, Scarf falls right into both of those groups. If you ever ride with him, don’t ask how old he is until you get done riding. Otherwise, you’ll feel inadequate the entire ride.
IMG_9977web Double D or Dan, whatever you want to call him, used to wrench with us back in the day. Then he moved up north despite offers of multiple pairs of free socks. He swings by once in a while and we spin around or I should say he spins while I try to keep up.
6tag_161215-172655 I first rode with Carl about two years ago when he was the only unfortunate soul to show up for a No Dabs Contest on City Creek. Since then he’s become a staple in the community and been key in the construction of the Kentucky Lucky Chicken Trail on Webb Hill.

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  1. thesherm.com says:

    dude i didnt know you still live in logan lukas?

  2. Knuckler says:

    Yea, I have a hard enough time keeping the blogroll updated, let alone the “Who are these guys?” page…

  3. sam says:

    great post I’m a big cycling fan from holland

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