About the Alliance

M_C_A_LOGO_2The Mooseknuckler Cycling Alliance is a super secret club of vigilante, elite cyclists. We are known for our love of putting stickers on down tubes, top tubes and chain stays. We stand for nothing and nothing is what we are. You can look, but you will not find us. Ok maybe you will…

4 Responses to About the Alliance

  1. Mike Staten says:

    Have you heard anything about whether another organization will be taking up and running the Zion Country Early Spring Century that Bike2Bike organized and ran before Bob Kinney’s passing? I’ve got quite a group of cyclists that want to ride it, but we’d need info in order to finalize plans.

  2. Knuckler says:

    Mike, I have not heard anything coming down the pipeline. You might want to check with Spingeeks.com and put a bug in their ear if they haven’t heard anything.

  3. Peter says:

    What about non-elite broke old cyclists who don’t ride enough? I just want a sticker really lol

  4. Knuckler says:

    The only problem I see is the “don’t ride enough” section of your statement. If you want a sticker show up for a ride and I’ll give you one or fifty.

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