Project Shred Sled

It’s a new year. I got a new bike. One that I’ve already been told by one Carl doesn’t make any sense for me because I don’t know how to shred, well, he said you don’t jump, but whatever, same diff.

To be honest, I had pretty much this same bike just with air sprung suspension for all of last year. I didn’t ride it all that much and then sold it to the German. When new bike decision time came around, I was like lets do something I haven’t tried in like almost a decade. 

The last bike I had that would proximate this one’s capabilities would have been the Demo 7 that sat in my shed during 2009. Now I haven’t spent too much time on this bike yet, but I would venture a guess that it is way more capable than that Demo. New suspension, bigger wheels, stiffer frame, other things…..

And while I must admit, I haven’t exactly sent it on this bike yet, it does roll quite nicely.

Of course, it wouldn’t be SOP to not immediately strip this bike down upon arrival and put an S-Works build kit on it from spare parts in my shed (don’t break into my shed, but if you do be warned that I have vicious pitbull). So that’s what I did and in the process finally turned the BroBike into a singlespeed. 

We rode the Creek which is Little with the Whiteheads and then cruised around the Goose with Lynda, Karen and the Lickers. The Shred Sled held its own, but the standard fork spring was for someone around 160. And while most Moose weigh like quadruple that, I tip the scales about 20 pounds under, new spring was ordered, arrived and has been installed. 

Truth be told, there were two reasons for this bike being added to the fleet. 1. I fell in love with the Ohlins fork and TTX damper and really wanted to see what it could do for a rear shock. So far, I’m pretty impressed as it has lived up to my expectations. B. I want to ride Flying Monkey again. The last time was back around 2006. Sir Prattipus followed me down while I rode a Surley Instigator with a 120mm fork on it. 

He vowed to never do that again. Apparently, watching my rear wheel get thrown all over the place was scarier than riding the actual trail.

I think it’s time to get back up on that… So, who want to ride the Monkey?

P. L. and R.


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  1. carl says:

    Im down for that………….just say when!!!

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