Tour Duh Pour

wp_20161001_21_51_41_richThe Tour Duh Pour. It was a simple concept born out of the desire to have a good fucking time. The easiest way to accomplish said good time is the following equation, 🚲+🍺+👪. It’s easy math, easy enough that even we get it. Plus we all know that liquor tastes much better on the streets.

The plan was set and everyone was to meet at the Mooseknuckler Cycling Alliance Social Lounge 2.0 at whatever time it was, I can’t remember now because it’s been a few weeks since this actually happened. And let’s be honest the start time isn’t that important in this context. It’s just important that we met. From the Lounge, we had planned to hit Jazzy’s but they had music which meant cover charges and probably no where to sit. So naturally we ditched out and headed to Bout Time.

They accommodated all of us quickly and efficiently. We were seated and had beers in our hands within minutes. Chips and salsa followed because Utah. This wouldn’t have been a bad spot to sit and chill for a couple of hours, but this was a tour not a destination.


Next we took the bike paths and headed toward the Office. Someone produced a bottle of bourbon which was passed around till everyone had a shot or two or three or however many they wanted. Part of the tour was the promise that we would stop and take Hobo shots under any bridges. We hit the bridge and stopped for some more bourbon.

The Office, which turned out to be super lame and didn’t want to let us pay them for booze because they wanted to close, was on our minds and we headed that direction, but were rerouted to Players instead. Again, they seated all of us quickly and we had beer and some food and chatting and lots of “let’s do this again soon” and “why is this only a yearly event?” and other things as well.


We were all feeling pretty good at this point and it was getting late for a bunch of middle aged folks riding bikes and drinking in the dark.

We pointed our tires homeward and everyone made it safely to the Lounge. High fives were thrown because we all know they save lives and then the crowd dissipated into the darkness begging the question of when should we do this again.


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