We won’t get into what would happen to this thief were we to meet him


Fixie Dave Nice is one of the most famous people I know and as such does not need an introduction, but I think I’ll do my best to give him one anyway. I first met Fixie years ago as he was tromping around Southern Utah. It takes about the same time to drink a beer as it does for Fixie to become your friend. And once he’s your friend, you will have plenty of beers to drink. And probably some whiskey, too.

He’s also one of the hardest working bike mechanics I have had the pleasure to turn wrenches with. He worked at the shop for just over a year and helped make it a better place for all of us. It took nearly six months to find a mechanic that could step in where he left off.

And as these things go, he rides his bike more than anyone else that I know. If he isn’t out exploring some new route on the dirt, he is commuting to work. When he worked at the shop he made the 13 mile trip in every day, rain or shine. And then he’d turn around and do it again. He’s the only person I know that actually wore out a set of Phil Wood bearings. All those miles are pedaled, no coasting allowed. There’s a reason they call him Fixie.

fixieAnd the irony of this, the fact that without any need or care I’ve never had a bike stolen despite my best, self-destructive efforts to have one walk away. It was with great anger that I saw this yesterday.

fixiestolenNow the just thing would be for all  of us to head out into the world, find said bike, punish the lowlife that took it and return it to its rightful owner. Unfortunately the possibility of being able to do so is out of the reach of pretty much everyone. So the next best thing we can do is to help an Alliance member out and throw some cash his way to replace that which was taken.

Help get Fixie back on the road.

P. L. and R.

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