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Yup, ready to get my Mooseknuckle on.

Welp, I’m apparently not very good at getting the correct information out. It wasn’t until the 4th or 5th person asked me about SSUT and thinking that it was this past weekend that I finally realized that I had failed to put with what month the dates on the schedule aligned. So for all of you who showed up at the Yurts last weekend wondering where the hell everyone was, SSUT will be happening in October. My apologies…

If you have no idea what I’m talking about all the details can be found here.

And moving on to other recent events that are in no way related other than the fact that Fixie has made mention of attending SSUT which will be happening in October.

As I reported on Friday, some asshole done stole Fixie’s bike which happened to be the cherry on top of what had been a pretty horrific week for him. And to be honest, there are few things that makes me question the value of humanity more than a bike thief. Not to be outdone by jerks who steal from people like Dave, the cycling community rallied and raised some serious cash to replace the bike in not a very long time. Which did wonders for my belief in humanity.

And then someone found his bike and returned it to him.

Dave reports,

So bike is back, a few dings,I was boneheaded and had my camera in frame bag, a few tools missing… Nothing super spendy… The gofundme deal was transferred to my bank account. Thank again Kaci for setting that up. I’ll fix what bike needs , and with what’s left I’m thinking donating to a few worthy cycling causes(kids on bikes,medicine wheel,imba, ect)But also understand if you just wanted money going towards a bike replacement. I’ll be happy to refund anybody their money via PayPal as that would have least amount of fees ether msg me

I removed his personal info for obvious reasons. If you donated and want your money back, look in your inbox, an email was sent out when his bike was found informing you how to get it back if you would like.

In news that I will relate, even though it isn’t related, by the fact that it pertains to the oppression of humanity which for whatever reason bums me out. I don’t know why, but I’ve always rooted for the underdog, probably why I don’t like watching sports (no I do not have those types of urges).

When I arrived home from the workplace, well actually it was from Yoga, but whatever, the Mrs. and I realized there wasn’t any adult beverages in the house to partake and we were in the state of mind that a little relaxing was pretty much the only thing on the agenda. Seeing that we moved downtown to eliminate almost all transportation that requires climbing into a coffin, we strapped an ice chest to the front of the crazy blue bike and headed out to cover the 13 or 14 blocks between the Lounge 2.0 and the only liquor store open after 7 PM in Washington County.

The ride over was mostly pleasant having a nice tail wind to push us eastward. The only traffic we encountered was around the campus as the teeny boppers have returned in hopes of becoming something by paying a shit ton of money to the man so they can eventually get a piece of paper that says that they are employable. Them and the crazy amount of people in SUVs trying to get into Micky Dees which corresponds with why this is about people on bikes being oppressed.

As I was quickly clicking through the few gears my bike has, it dawned on me that the liquor store is about 3/4 of the way up one of the steepest hills in St. George. This got me to thinking about the locations of the LSs in the area. You’ve got the nice, new one clear out in the middle of nowhere, so much so that if you didn’t know it was there, you would never see it. It closes at 7. You have the original, tiny store in a now more or less empty shopping center, empty because it’s kind of a shitty location. It also closes at 7.

And then you have the one downtown. The one that sits at the top of a ridiculously steep hill. It’s one of those hills that even in an vehicle with an automatic transmission, it can be difficult to get your car to begin moving if it’s pointed up. Yea, that one.

I’m one of the normal folks in the US that has the means and ability to own and drive an automobile. I chose to ride my bike so going up this hill to buy my alcoholic beverages really isn’t that big of a deal, but what about those who don’t fit within that norm, those who can’t get a drivers license or afford a four-wheeled, pollution spewing coffin? They are being oppressed. Don’t they deserve to be able to easily purchase their booze? I think they do.

I suggest that we find a location that is closer to my house and to which one can coast to, both directions.

There fixed it.

And to wrap things up on this, more or less pointless blogpost, if you ever need the services of comparing two countries, look me up. I happen to be pretty good at it.

P. L. and R.

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