Long live the Alliance or at least that’s the rumor.


Welp, if you’re reading this then you know, the rumors of the demise of the Mooseknuckler were greatly exaggerated proven by these words that I am currently typing and that you will in the future read. However, when you read them they will be in the present and I will be in the past. Which may or may not prove to be little evidence of whether or not I have might my demise depending on whether you are in the future, present or past.

And let’s be completely honest, I may have been the one spreading the rumors so they might not be rumors at all but hastily given excuses as to why the illustrious website known as the landing page of the Mooseknuckler Alliance had suddenly gone dark.

The strange truth is that despite the fact that a smaller living space should, in theory, make one’s life simpler and hence easier to live, I have found that moving the World Headquarters of the Mooseknuckler Cycling Alliance into a 5th wheel trailer in my parent’s backyard has done essentially the opposite. And for whatever reason, KB and I find tons to do that isn’t here.

As for the Alliance “never updated” website, I find writing excruciatingly painful. It takes just about all the mental fortitude I have to bounce out a thousand words for your enjoyment and most of the time racking that out means a solid couple of hours of trying to get what’s in my head onto the screen in a way that someone would find interesting to read. Part of this process is wandering aimlessly. Actual writing time is about 10 minutes, while pacing around the house in my underwear makes up the other 110 minutes. Pacing in a trailer is hard to do and therefore makes it difficult for me to write.

From thence came the rumors. It’s not that the Alliance is fading, it’s just currently housed in a location that is not conducive to pacing.


It’s been just about six weeks since I packed up the Mooseknuckler Cycling Alliance Bike Repair Area including the above photographed wheel section. We’ve got our fingers, toes, arms and any other appendage that is possible of crossing, crossed in hopes that this weekend is the transition period to the new (by 20 years, what can I say I have a thing for old houses built without plywood) and improved Mooseknuckler Cycling Alliance Social Lounge.

In news unrelated to my current living conditions, the City of St. George is hosting a little Friday get together. Big deal you say. I’m sure they’ll have lots of family friendly activities and other niceties that are about as exciting as attending church (a normal church, not the Church of the Holy Alliance of Mooseknucklers which we all know is extremely exciting to attend).  Well, you will be pleasantly surprised that this little festival happens to be a big step forward for this city as they will be providing free, live music and, wait for it…. beer and wine to go along with it.

If you happen to be one of those folks that loves living here because of the rad landscapes and endless outdoor possibilities and the ability to never stop complaining about living here because there is no night life, well, stop complaining and support the city in this effort. Yea, I know this shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is.

I know I’ll see you all there tonight.

Moving on to other news, the Alliance has been hosting Zen No Dabs Contests every Saturday for the past couple of months. Yes, I know that I suck at getting the word out, but hey, now you know. Tomorrow will be the next one. Be at the bottom of the Zen at 7 AM with your A, B or C game.

Last week was a fully rigid ride as Super D, ProZac and myself rode around the little loop trying to keep our feet off the ground. It mostly went well with high fives at the end.

In future news, there are rumors circulating that another LIT is in the planning process for sometime in the next couple of weeks. Course should be similar to last time as the organizing Mooseknuckler is the same. No word yet on who the Monkey Master will be so you’ll just have to bribe everyone until that detail gets hashed out.

And with that, I feel we have successfully cleared up rumors, avoided others and quite possibly started some more.

P. L. and R.

M_C_A_LOGO_2 - Copy


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