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Just because I haven’t been posting doesn’t mean I don’t love you. You’ve all been in my thoughts, hanging out in the back like some creeper in a windowless van ready to pounce on my consciousness whenever you get the chance which hasn’t been much, but you’ve always been there and I do care.

And whilst the time I have spent away from this computer screen plenty of things, good things, have happened and are in the process of becoming a reality for 2015. You could, probably should, call this the year of the Knuckler cuz we’re going to be bringing them out of closets all year long.

Joey getting rad on a Fatboy. Photo not taken by me.
Joey getting rad on a Fatboy. Photo not taken by me.

The newest addition to this Year O’ Knuckler is the announcement of weekly group rides on a Saturday. Yup, you read that right. The MCA for the first time in its existence will be offering a semi-consistent group ride on a day and at a time that the average shmoe can make it. We might have to start charging as we all know the crowds are going to be absolutely huge.

Seeing that we tend to not do anything the way anyone things we should, these group rides will have an MCA twist to them. Yes everyone is invited and that is kind of the point. We will be riding trails and stopping any time anyone has a problem with a section that they would like to ride. As a group, we will help, mentor, teach, demonstrate how to ride that section and spot, watch, coach that person until they get it or don’t want to try anymore.

Of course, there is a reason for all of this. The rides will be on one trail for about three weeks leading up to an MCA/Red Rock Bicycle sponsored No Dabs Contest. There will be prizes, peasants celebrating in the streets and overall merriment. Nothings in concrete yet, but based on the last Alley Cat, we’ll probably have some fireworks as well.

Rides will leave from Red Rock Bicycle starting next Saturday at 3 PM.

Another photo not taken by me. I'm pretty sure that's Kenny...
Another photo not taken by me. I’m pretty sure that’s Kenny…

This in no way detracts from or overshadows what Kenny and Heather have been doing from CasaZen for the past few weeks. If you haven’t been privy, CasaZen has been hosting a night ride on Wednesdays at 7. They ride the CasaZen trail over to whatever else they feel like and then pedal for a bit putting down some miles and enjoying the blackness of the night.

Afterward, there is celebration and merry making. I’ve only been able to make it once, but it was worth the time and I hope to make it a regular part of my week and so should you. For details on whether it’s happening and such. Check out the MCA Facebook page before Wednesday…


And for the Grand Finale of today’s post and what will be the biggest and best even the MCA has ever attempted to put on, SingleSpeedUtah – Beers not Gears (this event was named by Joey who has accepted the position of event/title namer guy, expect more of this type of brevity in the future). That’s right. Seeing that somehow our kick ass state does not have its own singlespeed state championships, or at least I couldn’t find one and no one else seems to have heard of one, the Alliance will be taking up the torch.

What is it? You may ask. It’s a giant camping party that only allows people to attend if they refuse to use gears. This camping party will have some rides, skills competitions and a LIT. Three stages and then we will Indian Leg Wrestle to determine the winner. At least that is the current plan and seeing that it won’t be happening until some still not set in concrete date in the Fall, things may change significantly. But from what I gather, this is how these things are done and I don’t want to go away from tradition. There might be some tattoos involved as well.

If you are interested in any way in being involved with what will certainly be a rolling shit show of epic proportions, hit me up. I’m sure we will need all the help we can get.

Until we ride again…

P. L. and R.

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