Drinking songs for the masses

If there’s one thing we could use more of in this world, it’s drinking songs. At least that is my assumption based on the fact that everyone writes them, everyone sings them and everyone loves them. Even if that everyone we are talking about doesn’t drink. There’s just something magical about a liquid that can make you feel so good and shitty at the same time. There’s romance in that relationship like a slave falling head over heels for their master. Similar to the way that we seek out suffering to know that we are alive or to feel real in the midst of our fabricated existence.

With that in mind. Pour yourself a tall one. Sit back and enjoy my drinking playlist.

There’s nostalgia in drinking. You could call it muscle memory or a habit. I call it nostalgia.

I don’t mind drinking alone, but it is more socially accepted when you are drinking with friends.

Some say whiskey is their kind of yoga, but I prefer real yoga. However, whiskey has lulled me to sleep more than once.

And to wrap things up, the first drinking song I can remember speaking to me.

Bottoms up!

P. L. and R.

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