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devil-catThere is only one animal that if asked, I would tell you that I am scared of. If I see a rattlesnake, being an intelligent human being, I do my best to not get bit, but don’t feel fear. It’s just my desire for self-preservation.  The only time said animal has elicited any type of adrenaline reaction from me, is when I had to bunny hop over one coming down Stucki. Rats? Nope, they’re kinda cute and all you haters should realize that the Squirrels are just the rats of the forest. So you can’t hate one without the other. No, I suffer from Ailurophobia.

This, for the most part isn’t a big deal. However,  I  quite enjoy having access to the interwebs and the seemingly infinite stream of information. The beauty of the internet is in the fact that it is open to every person to throw their voice into the mix and if it’s interesting or well enough thought out, it will rise to the top and others will join their voice to it and via social media spread said ideas. There’s even this one site that does that and nothing else.

Overall I enjoy this chaotic  mumbo jumbo of bull shit wrapped around a few gems. There are a lot of creative people out there that make me smile, laugh and occasionally cry. There are few things that get posted that effect me personally or that I take offense to. And here’s where I’m headed.

Cats are the devil. They walk around in their supposedly cute little furs, purring and manipulating people into petting them, into loving them, letting them sit on their laps. They look soft and cuddly, but the truth is it’s all an act and underneath that cute, little meow is the devil incarnate. It’s all a cover for what will happen when they suddenly decide to let you know who is in charge. And then the claws come out, blood is spilt, your not theirs, and then they start to manipulate you again. It’s an extremely abusive relationship and I cannot support it.

Which is why I am taking a stand against these demons and have started a petition to ban all photos and memes of cats. I hate that it has come to this but all of my efforts outside of the extremely effective form of protest known as petitioning, have done little to help. I ask only two things of you, it’s easy and you can do it from where you are sitting now. Click through to my petition and sign it. I only need 99,999 more signatures for the President to decline to comment. The second thing that I need, is for your full support in not posting any more pictures of these devils as this only perpetuates the myth that they deserve to be alive and are good pets.

With all your help and support, we can save thousands of lives and rid the planet of these creatures that were spawned by satan himself.

I appreciate your time and full support on this matter.

P. L. and R.


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