The Alliance Introductory Brochure


Yes, we stand by brick walls and feel fire whilst wearing lucho libre masks.

If this feels like filler, it’s because it is. Today’s post started out drastically different. One with a lot of emotionally charged statements and mind blowing logic that would leave you all just a puddle of mush in your chairs in front of your computers. Yup, it was going to be that good. I started writing it last night and the entire thing is in my head. When I arose this morning with idealism boiling in my blood, I couldn’t make my fingers type out the things that were going to blow your mind. So I scrapped that post and you get a bunch of pictures instead.

This is what the Alliance is…


Sometimes we talk about bikes. And sometimes we talk about the reason that the bike is only dirty on one side.


Did I mention bikes? Yup, it’s all about bikes. And other stuff.


We’re a religious bunch. Always ensuring that the sacrament can be had during our services.


If you have problems with lycra, open roads or hobos, you’re not gonna fit in here.


Hail Satan!


We often come up with fun little activities, like 20″ cruiser crits.

Sir Prattipus building his house upon the rock.

Gratuitous picture of Prattipus.

The streaming heading out of the lake and down the granite slab.

Admittedly there are places you can’t take a bike. That’s ok with us cuz backpacking is just the walking version of riding  fixed.

Is it cross season yet?

Is it cross season yet?

P. L. and R.

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