Cory’s Wheel, Product Placement and Upcoming Events

Those of you who are members of the Facebook Group have already seen this, but I got to see it in person a few days ago and couldn’t resist snapping a shot.

I also snapped a shot of Double D’s bike and a beautifully applied Mooseknuckler Sticker, the perfect accessory for every bike.

Speaking of Double D, we will be having an Alley Cat themed just for him. It’s being toted as the Dan has a big trailer Alley Cat event and will be happening next Friday. Stay up to date on the details here.

And speaking of big trailers and big events, we will once more be attempting to have Slotoja. Three days, three states (or more or less, I can’t be bothered with trivial details) and all the greasy spoons you can handle. Slotoja!

I think that is all for now.

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