And then there was this…

OK. Sir Prattipus, the almighty knighted one of the fourth generation, I will actually update my website.

After the Mooseknuckler Monster Truck had returned from Toroweap with only but a few lousy pictures of a beautiful place, it was quickly reloaded and pointed toward another secret location where silence exists, cell coverage does not and where the children lose their girlfriends. Yes, I speak of that mythical place known as _____________ (censored by the CIA so the rest of you don’t end up out there).

We drove for a few hours to get there and then spent the bulk of 48 hours cruising around where the wild things roam. We rocked out about 200 miles on dirt roads over the four days.

And the moment we returned to the house, the first thing I said was, “This place is noisy.” Gotta get back soon….

I didn’t talk about bikes once. Nor did I ride one for four complete days. It was heaven wrapped in the thorny existence of the desert. KB and I will be going back on the 8th for an overnighter in one of the canyons if anyone has the time and the desire…

In completely unrelated news, the next installment of the Mooseknuckler Cup will be taking place this coming Friday… You should definitely be there. It won’t be too cold. Hell, for all I know it may be too hot.

Details here.

I think that is all.


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