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You all may remember that I said I would have some of these gorgeous wallets available for purchase soon. Well I do. Wallet Maker Mitch handed me three of them a couple of days ago, so I have three to sell. To refresh your memories, these are locally crafted of used tires and tubes. They work great as a wallet and I can guarantee you that they will not leave your pocket without your knowledge. I have a couple Mountain King tread wallets and one Fast Trak Wallet. If you are interested, email me at lukas (at) mooseknuckleralliance (dot) org. They go for $25 and a chunk of that goes back into providing you with this wonderful website and beer after Mooseknuckler Cycling Alliance approved rides.

If you are lacking in the cool factor, these will most definitely make up for it. I can honestly say it is the only wallet I have ever owned that I get complimented on, consistently. Just think, you could be someone.

Since we are on the subject of wallets, I have been saving a rant for a while. It has simmered, aged and perfected itself. You see, I’ve been buzzed on my bike many times. So many times that I couldn’t tell you where that number sits. On occasion I have been buzzed by the same car, in the same spot, multiple times. However, there has only been one vehicle that has buzzed me that was dumb enough to have their phone number and place of business stickered across the back window.

I was nigh ran off the road twice by this same mini-van on Middleton Drive in April. I have spotted the van on ocassion in the city. One of those occassions was last night. I thought about keying the car, slashing their tires, or removing all four of their valve cores, but I was in front of Benja’s and could see the owners sitting right in front of their van enjoying dinner. So I took a picture.

Now, I don’t know these people, nor have I used their services, but as a cyclist that shares the road with them I will never be giving them a call. And I strongly suggest that none of you do either. In fact, you have their phone number and business name, do with it what you will, if you get my drift. It is a rare occasion that I get that kind of information on someone who doesn’t give space to cyclists.

So in the theme of wallets, don’t open yours to them.

In other wallet-themed news, we will be doing the below mentioned night ride. Meet at the Navajo Drive trailhead for the Bear Claw Poppy. We will ride as long as the temps feel good. I also know that one Fixie Dave has a good 12 pack of Cerveza that will warm you up or down at the end of said excursion and I don’t think he will ask for anything out of your wallet.

See you all in a couple of hours. I will have the wallets with me if you want one…

P. L. and R.

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3 Responses to Heads up

  1. Neetrith says:

    The douche can’t even spell “Arctic”. I just called him and alerted him to that fact….;)

  2. Knuckler says:

    I have to admit I had not noticed. It was awfully nice of you to inform him.

  3. Knuckler says:

    articair@infowest.com, here’s their email if that helps…

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