Apparently God loves Mooseknucklers

T-bone was running a little late.

So we picked him up at his house. We found him almost ready to go. This meant that the Mooseknucklermobile was late for a Mooseknuckler Ride. All was well with the Universe and we arrived just a few minutes behind schedule to find Scarf and the Sherm waiting.

The wind was fucking howling.

If any of you remember the original definition of a Mooseknuckler from the MCA Manifesto, it had something to do with riding in all conditions, rain, snow or wind. (And can be found here, I have to admit it brought a little smile to my evil face to find that) What this means is that there was no way we weren’t going riding, even though it looked as if it would probably be a good idea to not.

As we headed out and toward Church Rocks, I tried with all of my mental strength to enjoy the kickin’ tailwind and to not think about how bad it was going to suck on the way back.

It was a hoot. Fast, dark, loose and awesome.

About 2/3 of the way to the Rocks, the wind kind of died. We chalked it up to being in a hole where the wind couldn’t reach thanks to the cliffs around us.

We finished our little ride around the rocks and headed back to the car. All of us were waiting for the wind to hit us like a cement truck and when it didn’t we all kept our mouths shut in fear that once anyone said the word it would arrive. Thank the giant lobster in the sky that it did not.

That’s right. We got a kick ass tailwind for the ride out and then ended up not having to pay for it.

Anyways, good times were had by all. If you missed the ride, don’t fret it will all be happening again next week.

Now to finish my PBR.


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