I went to Vegas and all I got was this pain in my foot.

There were some things that have happened that haven’t made it up here yet. Some happenings that were quite happening and I will now share.

Firstly (or just first, whatever you prefer), The Mooseknuckler-mobile could be seen in the parking lot of the Hard Rock Hotel Friday night. It was there with the sole purpose of transporting the Berg and me to the Swinging Utters/Dropkick Murphys show that was to happen that evening. The show did happen and we enjoyed it.

I learned a few things from this show. A) it is enjoyable to wear one’s kilt to a Dropkick Murphys show. I was complimented no less than a dozen times. B) it is wise to keep one’s kilt under control at said happening due to the groping females that apparently can be found in Vegas. C) moshing is fun in said kilt.

On top of those most important lessons learned, I also discovered that stickers in casinos tend to be removed quite quickly, unless they are attached to one’s person.

There were a couple MCA stickers present the next morning, one notably attached to a photo in the hall of some famous singer. I don’t recall which cause I didn’t care.

Secondly (or just second, your preference), I came away from this experience a little bit worse for wear than I would have hoped. When the Swinging Utters left the stage, KB and I bailed for some water. At which point I noticed that it was more difficult than usual to walk on my right foot. As the nigh progressed so did the pain. By the time the show was out and we, Kim and I, had our requisite potatoes, I could barely walk. KB and I limped, or better said, I limped while KB witnessed my pain, back to the room.

I struggled to sleep and when I arose for the nightly feeding of my pet lizard, I almost fail down every step to the restroom which happens to be where I keep my pet lizard when on holiday. By morning things felt a bit better but the pain still has yet to cease. I can walk pretty good, I can still ride solid. Although I dabbed for the first time in quite a while on the steps of Prospector. I currently have a dull ache that increase to sharp pain when I roll my foot just right.

On top of the injured appendage, my right arm was quite sore as well. Apparently raising my angry fist in solidarity for that long can cause some soreness. So, I hope you can all learn from my lessons and not make the same mistakes as I. Remember, when at a punk show always bring your arm brace to hold your angry fist in position…

Once my headache wore off, which was Sunday morning, I went to work. Working is only important in as much as it allows you to ride. I rode after work which was nice. The Mooseknuckler-mobile was seen at the bottom of the JEM just before 4 o’clock. We met a good group of people and enjoyed an easy pace ride around the trail. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope that that sentiment is not lost in what I am about to say.

I rode the JEM, it was enjoyable, but I find it to be kind of boring. It’s a trail that by itself I will probably not ride again, outside of Frog Hollow, for quite some time. Unless of course there is a bitchin’ group ride to be had and then I will be obliged to ride.

Anyways… Not that you need them at this point but here’s a couple of reminder for you.

Sunday October 23rd meet at the White Trailhead of the Goose for some trailwork and bitchin’ group ride.

Friday October 28th will be the first MCA sponsored Alley Cat race in a few years. It will be fun. I promise.

P. L. and R.

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